More Maltese officials attend UEFA CORE Programme

Elite Referee Trustin Farrugia Cann and Elite Assistant Referees Jurgen Spiteri and David Castillo were awarded diplomas for successfully completing their UEFA CORE (Centre of Refereeing Excellence) earlier this month at UEFA Centre in Nyon, Switzerland while another three officials, Philip Farrugia, Ryan Aquilina and Rick Heckenlaible have just started this same course.

Trustin Farrugia Cann, Jurgen Spiteri and David Castillo attended the Introductory Course between the 18th and 27th March, and since then have been closely monitored by referees’ coach Rune Pedersen (Norway), assistant referees’ coach Goggen Holen (Norway), and physical fitness coaches Simon Breivik (England) and Herbert Barr (Northern Ireland).

Farrugia Cann, Spiteri and Castillo’s participation during the Consolidation Course held between the 2nd and 9th October confirmed the technical and physical progress they achieved over the past six months. Their approach was of a professional level and UEFA’s report on their participation during this educational programme indicates clearly that the three officials possess the necessary talent to progress in their careers.

As part of the course, on Saturday 4th October they had the opportunity to control the Fourth Division French League match D’Echirolles vs Aix FC (0-0) in Grenoble.

Referee Philip Farrugia and national assistant referees Ryan Aquilina and Rick Heckenlaible are the fifth team of local officials who are attending UEFA’s CORE (Centre of Refereeing Excellence) Programme between the 14th and 23rd October.

During their Introductory Course at UEFA’s Centre in Nyon, Switzerland, they are being closely monitored by referees’ coach Manuel Lopez (Spain), assistant referees’ coach Tom Murphy (Scotland) u physical fitness coaches Jean-Baptist Bultynck (Belgium) and Sandor Safar (Hungary).

The officials will be in regular contact with their coaches who will keep watch on their progress; after which time they will be invited for a Consolidation Course between the 26th March and 2nd April 2015.

Through this intensive very professional programme, UEFA prepares future international referees and assistant referees.

Apart from a number of theoretical and practical sessions, the Maltese officials are being put to physical and practical tests, and on Sunday 19th instant have been given the opportunity to control a Division 2 Inter League match FC Beroche-Gorgier vs FC Grunstern in Switzerland, at Saint-Aubin-Sauges (close to the beautiful city of Neuchatel).