UEFA appointment for Clayton Pisani, Mitchell Scerri

UEFA has appointed FIFA Referee Clayton Pisani and FIFA Assistant Referee Mitchell Scerri to act as match officials in the Under 17 Group 4 Qualifying matches being held in Paphos, Cyprus between the 25th and 30th October.

Other appointed match officials are from Armenia, Cyprus and Moldova and the participating teams are England, France, FYR Macedonia and Cyprus.

The first appointment for Clayton Pisani and Mitchell Scerri is the England vs Cyprus match being played at the Kouklia Community Stadium on Saturday 25th October.

Clayton Pisani, assisted by Mitchell Scerri, will also be the referee of the big match between France and England being played at the Paphiakos Stadium on Thursday 30th October.

UEFA Referee Observers Cornelis A. Bakker (Netherlands) and John Ward (Republic of Ireland) have been appointed to assess the performances of match officials at this mini-tourn