Gozo FA Annual Presentation 2014/15

The football season 2014/2015 in Gozo came to an end with the official presentation, organised by the Gozo Football Association, of honours won by different teams and individuals in different categories.

During the Gozitan football season 2014/2015 the activity of the association was continuous both at administrative level and with different competitions. The events held in Gozo were also followed by those who are interested in Gozitan football by their attendance at the different football grounds or through the different sources of media.

Among the most important events that took place during the season 2014/2015 there was the election of the new GFA President Dr Samuel Azzopardi. Dr Azzopardi became the twenty-third president of the association following an extraordinary general meeting and election following the resignation of Mr Alvin Grech from the post in January of the current year.

The UEFA Regions Cup Tournament organised by the GFA was also among the main attractions of the season. The GFA was praised for the organisation of the Tournament and the Gozitan team was also competitive despite placing third in the final standings of the group. The participation of the Gozitan teams in the Malta FA Trophy was satisfactory particularly by the qualification of two teams, Victoria Hotspurs and Nadur Youngsters, who made it to the fourth round of the competition. The two Gozitan teams were eliminated in two matches played at the Gozo Stadium and transmitted live on the national television, by two Premier League sides Pieta Hotspurs and Hibernians respectively.

The Gozitan football had successful results in their participation in the women’s and youth sectors. The women’s Gozo FC U/16 was very competitive in the championship and also was finalists in the KO competition of the category where the Gozitan’s conceded aq defeat in the penalty shoot-out. The Gozo FC U/15 also had a successful run in the MYFA championship for the category by placing second in the final standings of Section B and won promotion to Section A next season.

The direct clashes between Xewkija Tigers and Nadur Youngsters were undoubtedly the main attractions in local football. Out of the four championship matches between the two sides Xewkija and Nadur won two each. Xewkija however ended as the main protagonists of the season by winning the championship, the BOV GFA Cup and the GFA Super Cup. Nadur won the GFA KO competition for the first division. Xewkija also had two of their players who won the main individual honours. John Camilleri was awarded the best player of the season, while Daniel Bogdanovic won the honour for the best player not born in Gozo of the season.

For the annual presentation event the GFA hosted the main officials of the MFA, the sponsors of the association, representatives from the media and all the clubs who form the association. The President of the MFA Mr Norman Darmanin Demajo in his address to those present confirmed that his association is concerned about Gozitan football and wishes that the game in Gozo benefits from the improvement as much as in Malta. The President referred to the investment carried out in the facilities which took place with the contribution by the MFA together with funding from the same GFA and the central government.

The main message of the MFA president was addressed to the GFA officials and the club officials as they were encouraged to follow the reform that took place recently in Maltese football. Mr Darmanin Demajo expressed his satisfaction that the reform in the MFA was unanimously approved despite the critics that were expressed by different sources prior to the decision taken by the MFA Council. The President promised his full support to the Gozitan association and the clubs in the process to implement the reform in Gozitan football since the new regulations will ensure that the game of football in our islands in the future will become more competitive and will clarify different aspects particularly with regards to the status of the players, responsibilities and transfer of players.

This was the first time that the GFA President Dr Samuel Azzopardi addressed the annual presentation and he started his speech by expressing his appreciation towards the Gozitan clubs who elected him for the post earlier this year. He promised that he is committed to do his best to continue the improvement of football in Gozo. Dr Azzopardi warned alkl those involved that one should not put his mind at rest just because the Gozitan football is doing well but everyone should continue with the hard work to consolidate what has been achieved and continue to develop the football on the island.

The GFA president congratulated all those who won an honour but also thanked all those who participated because all those who participate are part of the competition. Dr Azzopardi welcomed the message delivered by the MFA president with regards to the reform in local football and he will be looking forward so that the necessary discussions will take place to find the right way to apply the new rules within the Gozitan context. Dr Azzopardi concluded his speech by inviting everyone involved in Gozitan football to continue with the hard work to continue with the improvement of the standard of football in Gozo and stated that he is aiming to start the process to develop a technical centre in Gozo for the benefit of all the players, coaches and technical staff, but particularly for the benefit of the youngsters who wish to become athletes.

Annual Presentation of Honours in Gozitan Football 2014-2015
Individual Honours
Player of the Year GFA Division I: John Camilleri – Xewkija Tigers
Foriegn Player of the Year GFA Division I: Daniel Bogdanovic – Xewkija Tigers
Player of the Year GFA Division II: Jason Portelli – Għajnsielem
Player of the Year GYFA U/18: Gennaro Hili – Xewkija Tigers
Player of the Year GYFA U/15: Jordi Parnis – Oratory Munxar
Player of the Year Gozo F.C. U/15: Joseph Owen Borg
Player of the Year Gozo F.C. Women U/16: Leanne Cefai
Top Scorer GFA Division I: Claudio Antunes – Nadur Youngsters–23 Goals
Top Scorer GFA Division II: Manuel Cordina – Żebbuġ Rovers–16 Goals
Top Scorer GYFA U/18: Elijah Xuereb – Nadur Youngsters – 19 Goals
Top Scorer Gozo F.C. U/15: Matthew Gatt – 10 Goals
Top Scorer GYFA U/15: Jordi Parnis – Oratory Munxar – 31 Goals
Top Scorer Gozo F.C. Women U/16: Maria Farrugia – 31 Goals
GFA Official of the Year 2014/2015 – Anthony Grech – Gozo Youth FA
GYFA Official of the Year 2014/2015 – Josef Abela – Qala Saints

Team Honours 2014-2015
GFA Melita Division I Champiopnship:
Winner – Xewkija Tigers
Runner Up – Nadur Youngsters

BOV Gozo F.A. Cup:
Winner – Xewkija Tigers
Finalist – Oratory Youths

Super Cup Division I:
Winner – Xewkija Tigers
Finalist – Oratory Youths

K.O. Division I:
Winner – Nadur Youngsters
Finalist – Oratory Youths

GFA Melita Division II Championship:
Winner – Għajnsielem
Runner Up – Munxar Falcons

K.O. Division II:
Winner – Għajnsielem
Runner Up – Żebbuġ Rovers

GYFA U/18 Championship:
Winner – Xewkija Tigers
Runner Up – Sannat Lions

GYFA U/18 K.O.:
Winner – Nadur Qala
Finalist – Kerċem Żebbuġ

GYFA U/15 Championship:
Winner – Oratory Munxar
Runner Up – Nadur Youngsters

GYFA U/15 K.O.:
Winner – Nadur Youngsters
Finalist – Oratory Munxar

Good Conduct Cup:
Sannat Lions