New logos for Gozo FA, Gozo Football League

The Gozo Football Association announced that they started a process for the re-branding of the association. The Association is aiming to give a new image which is more appropriate for these times. As part of this process the GFA presented a new logo for the association and a logo for the Gozitan Football League. The logos were developed by Manuel Bonnici.

The new logo of the GFA is developed from the image of the previous logo. It represents Gozo by means of the three hills, includes the ball as the main theme and has a circular form. These three characteristics together with the colour scheme applied are presented in a way that the image can easily be identified and can also be applied on different surfaces for different uses.

The Association also launched for the first time the logo for the main championship on the island which will be known as the Gozo Football League (GFL). This logo is also developed on the same lines of the GFA logo since the two logos will often be presented together and therefore they need to be complimentary to each other. The GFL logos represents Gozo by means of the three arches which are linked by an aqueduct and the three stars are included to represent a continuation between the two images. The logo is intended to express the competiveness of all those who participate and also to include those who participate to be part winners.

The association is looking forward to use these logos on different products in order to increase its exposure through merchandise.