New Premier League trophy, full-time administrators among top priorities for MFA

MFAA new trophy for the BOV Premier League and at least one full-time administrator for clubs are among the priorities for the Malta Football Association for the coming years. This was announced by MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo at the end of the MFA Annual General Meeting which was held on Saturday.

After thanking member clubs for their strong show of support where he obtained 116 votes out of a possible 134 in a vote of confidence, Darmanin Demajo outlined his main priorities for the coming years.

The MFA President said the top priority will be to make sure that member clubs fully capitalise the changes which will take place as the legislation on the commercialisation of sports facilities will be introduced by the government. He said this will be one of the biggest legislations regarding sports and will change sports completely as it would provide clubs new streams of income. The MFA itself would take the opportunity to try to develop its footprint at Ta’ Qali by turning it into a sports village – a destination which could attract hundreds of people. The National Stadium would also be upgraded further with new seating arrangements.

Darmanin Demajo said that with the introduction of the new format for the National Leagues where there will be a consistent format throughout the four divisions, ideally with fourteen teams each but which will have fourteen teams in the Premier League and First Division, thirteen in the Second Division and twelve in the Third Division due to vacancies. Above all was the idea to remove the system were points were halved at the end of the first phase and teams in all leagues would play on a two-round basis.

Following the introduction of a new FA Trophy as from the coming season, Norman Darmanin Demajo revealed that the association is planning to change the current Premier League trophy. The same concept will be adopted where the actual trophy would be in silver and the trophy to be retained by the champions would be a silver-plated replica. Eventually this same design could be used for the First, Second and Third Divisions where each trophy would be slightly smaller than that of the higher division in order to have a “family of trophies”.

The season tickets for the Premier League as from season 2017/18 should encourage clubs to sell them themselves as they would take the bigger share.

The idea of a full-time administrator, which had already been mentioned in Darmanin Demajo’s ‘electoral programme’ a few years ago, will be given priority. He said that having at least one full-time administrator would improve organisation in member clubs. He said that courses and workshops would be organised leading to an MFA certificate. The association will be giving a grant of €25,000 to Premier League clubs in order to assist them in employing a full-time administrator. This should enable them to ensure that all Premier League clubs are able to apply for a UEFA licence.

As regards the national teams, Darmanin Demajo said he believed that there had to be at least twenty players training on a professional basis, either here or abroad, insisting that only in this way, the level would rise. He said that up to the Under-17 level there is lot of talent bu the system collapses from then onwards.

The MFA President concluded his speech by saying that it meant a lot for him that after six years in office, once again he was given full faith. He thanked member clubs and member associations for their support, saying that their support gives him the energy to continue being of service – on the basis of honesty, integrity and transparency.

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  1. Bir rispett kollu ,kif tridu jimxi l quddiem l football Malti.
    Dejjem listess nies involuti , elezzjoni tikkontesta wahdek, nitkellmu fuq l haxix l gdid ,tazzi godda u is sugu veru tal loghoba jibqa jmur lura.
    Ahna progress fil loghoba iridu naraw specjalment team nazzjonali ma nixtieqx nkun negattiv pero bdin ir-rotta mhux se naghmlu progress.
    manafx fejn qed jaraw zieda l attendenza ax ta qali dejjem vojt mhux venue fejn jintlab l lig Malti, loghoba tintilef.
    M’hemmx ideat godda iktar u iktar meta tikkontesta wahdek .Jiddispjacini pero din hi sitwazzjoni tal futbol taghnna.

    L istess ucuh listess ideat li stess vizjoni.


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