Annual pre-season seminar for Futsal referees

futsal-seminar-referees2016The annual pre-season seminar for Futsal referees was held between Friday and Sunday at De La Salle College.

This year the main lecturer was FIFA Instructor and UEFA Referee Observer Andrea Lastrucci, who started his career as FIFA Instructor in 2004.

He is one of the pioneers of Futsal Refereeing in Europe. In his international refereeing career, he has officiated 140 matches including finals in the European Champions Tournament in 1994, Intercontinental Cup final in 1997, Club’s World Cup Final in 1998 and UEFA Euro Futsal Championship Final in 1999.

Mr. Lastrucci’s main topics covered during the seminar were Communication and Co-operation between the refereeing team, Uniformity and Consistency of Decisions, Dealing with Simulation and Mass Confrontation, and Psychological and Mental Preparation of the match.

All referees underwent FIFA fitness test and overall results were satisfactory.

The seminar was addressed also by Director of Refereeing, Kevin Azzopardi.