Referee recruitment campaign launched

refereeing-recruitmentThe Malta FA Refereeing Centre announced a number of initiatives as part of a referee recruitment campaign.

The first Referee Course for this season will commence on the 3rd October 2016 and finishes on the 5th December 2016. All sessions will be held on Monday evening from 6 to 8pm at the Refereeing Centre in Ta’ Qali. All interested applicants from 17 years up need to apply by not later than the 21st September 2016.

A Promotional Activity on Refereeing will be held on Saturday morning of the 24th September 2016, at City Gate Valletta. The activity will focus on the Referees Academy and the promotional stand will be manned by same Academy students together with the officials from the Recruitment and Retention Unit.

The Referee Academy for year 2016-2017 will commence on Saturday 29th October and ends on Saturday 22nd April 2017. Interested prospective student referees from 15 to 17 years can apply.

A Course for Prospective Gozo Referees is planned for Saturday 1st October 2016, subject to the response by prospective applicants. Gozo applicants can apply for this course by not later than the 23rd September 2016.

Applications for any of the courses should be submitted by email to