MFA President meets match officials

Malta Football Association officials will be holding separate meetings with match officials from different categories in the coming weeks to discuss suggestions and ideas aimed at improving the level of refereeing as well as to enhance the refereeing experience for the match officials themselves.

At a well-attended meeting with active match officials and referee observers, held on Thursday evening at the Centenary Hall, Malta FA President Norman Darmanin Demajo explained that these discussions will address the specific needs of the different categories as well as common issues.

Darmanin Demajo stressed that the Association is committed to improving the conditions for the match officials and introduce new benefits, including financial ones, to improve their experience and raise the standards of refereeing at all levels, especially in the top tier. This will be done in a way that is compatible with the Association’s medium-term plans.

The Malta FA President stressed that the top priority of the match officials at this delicate stage of the football season is to keep their full focus on their commitments in the domestic competitions.