Candidates for MFA Presidency present their programmes to Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition

The two candidates running for the post of President of the Malta Football Association – Dr Chris Bonett and Bjorn Vassallo – paid visits to Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat and the Leader of the Opposition Dr Adrian Delia during which they both presented their programmes.

Bjorn Vassallo said that in the two meetings, during which he presented his programme – Vision 2027 – Forward Together, he had the opportunity to explain in detail his vision for Maltese and Gozitan football should he be elected to the post of president of the Malta Football Association by the councillors and delegates. Vassallo said that he firmly believes that the authorities have an important role to play, not in terms of party politics, but to work together to build a stronger society and encourage a more active lifestyle through football.

Vassallo added that he witnessed this in the several countries he visited due to his role at FIFA which works closely with governments for the benefit and growth of football around the world. He concluded by saying “Thanks to the experience I gained, I will be taken introduce new practices and strategies which proved successful in other countries and which can also be implemented in our country in order to achieve our objectives, but above all to achieve the desired results the country looks forward to.”

Meanwhile Dr Chris Bonett said that after working closely with the Prime Minister, due to his role as consultant within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Sport, he is well aware of the Prime Minister’s willingness to give this sector a boost. He added that the programme, which he has already presented to clubs during the weekend, is ambitious and to make it happen, the association has to work hand in hand and in complete synergy with the authorities.

Dr Chris Bonett concluded by saying that the necessary changes are so big that all stakeholders have to be involved. “I believe we can make it. We can win. We start by putting clubs on top (#ClubsFuqNett).”

In a meeting with the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Adrian Delia, Dr Bonett said the he had the opportunity to share his ideas with a person he considers as an old friend and with whom he worked for the good of the game when Dr Delia was president of Birkirkara FC. Dr Bonett added that Dr Delia also wishes to see the level of the game improve and that youngsters and clubs are given the opportunities they deserve to move forward and achieve success for the local game.