MFPA’s recommendation for minimum medical requirements

The Malta Football Players Association will be meeting the Malta Football Association and presenting its recommendations for minimum medical requirements. The MFPA’s recommendations are based on the expert views of medical professionals and in line with international football standards.

The MFPA hopes that MFA will be receptive of their suggestions and that their collaboration can bear the desired fruits for the benefit of all players.

Recommendations include having ECG and physical examinations for players annually; medical records have to be kept and updated annually for all players and a stress ECG must be carried out annually for players over the age of 35.

The MFPA is calling for all grounds used for training and competitive matches to have at least the minimum medical equipment, including the External Defibrillator and oxygen supply and that these should be available at pitchside; training sessions and matches can only start once a CPR and AED first aider is present and to have a number of ambulances on standby to cover all games from all divisions.

Clubs must comply fully with medical requirements and ensure that these criteria are met during games and training sessions. The MFA must ensure enforcement of medical requirements and that the free First Aid sessions provided by the MFPA are to be made mandatory.