MFA receptive to MFPA proposals with regards to improvement of minimum medical conditions for players

In the past months, MFPA made a number of proposals to MFA for the betterment of minimum medical conditions for players in Malta, to which MFA was receptive. This week MFA informed us that the audit which was undertaken to take stock of where there is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  and their state of maintenance was complete and hence we can now start implementing the changes discussed. Since this is such a time sensitive issue, we have been seeking out ways in which we can make a positive change.

The MFPA will collaborate with Clubs and MFA to provide them with a First Aid Course for coaches of ALL categories. This will ensure that at least one person during each game and training sessions is equipped with the knowledge that can save lives and use the AED. MFPA is willing to cover costs for a number of clubs. Clubs who are interested in this project, can contact us immediately. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

The MFPA will offer to cover AED costs, including maintenance fees, for member associations, where these are not yet present. Member Associations include: MAFA, IASC, MESA, ISA, MASTERS, VETERANS, GIDA, SWAN. Players who play in amateur leagues also deserve health and safety protections. Since these do not fall under the cap of any organised Club, MFPA is willing to step up and cover this essential cost.  

Last but not least, basing themselves on medical expert opinion, the MFPA believes that an ECG needs to be carried out for all players every year. Currently, this is being done every two years.  In view of this, MFPA is willing to pay for the ECG of its paid-up members for the alternate year, in order to aid with the financial burden of an added screening test.