MFPA says no collective agreement with clubs reached yet

In a statement, the Malta Football Players Association stressed that that although players are being told that an agreement has been reached and that full-time players will be paid the monthly wage figures established by the Government, the MFPA has not agreed to such terms and has in fact not been included in these discussions.

The MFPA said that the statement issued on Friday by the MFA may give the impression that an agreement has been reached between the employers (clubs) and the employees (players), but in truth, NO such agreement has been reached.

The Malta Football Players Association added that in its guidelines FIFA is “encouraging clubs and employees to work TOGETHER to find appropriate collective agreements” and that clubs cannot unilaterally decide on contractual matters.

Earlier this week, the MFPA revealed a case of a full-time player, who had not been paid since January, who had been told by a club representative that unless he agrees to sign a termination of contract agreement, as well as accepting approximately half the amount owed to him till end of April, he would be kicked out of the apartment with his family.

The player refused, and was kicked out of the apartment on the 3rd of April, in the middle of a pandemic. At this point, MFPA intervened and assisted the player and his family by covering the cost of accommodation until the end of April. The MFPA added that in this case, it will open legal proceedings in front of FIFA.