MFPA launches Red Button web app in Malta

Match-fixing poses a huge threat to football, and a concerted effort by everyone must be made to  defeat it. Under current football regulations, players who are approached to manipulate a match must  not only refuse but must also report the fact immediately. Players who in the past did not report were sanctioned with a football ban of between one to two years. 

Together with FIFPro, MFPA provides their professional members in Malta, the opportunity to report  match-fixing approaches anonymously via the ‘Red Button Web App’. 

The Red Button is a web application owned by FIFPro and built by a company which makes high security software for banks, designed specifically as an anonymous reporting mechanism. Players do  not need to download or install anything. 

To make use of the Web App, MFPA members must first send a request for a ‘unique code’ via the  MFPA’s members platform (, or by email on Reports sent via  the Web App will not be received by MFPA itself and are not traceable. 

MFPA members who are approached to fix games and refuse can count on MFPA for free, legal  assistance, should they need it.