Top 6 Football Betting Strategies in 2020

2020 is indeed a great time to be in the world of sports, and there is no better time to bet on football.  

In 2020 we’re lucky enough to have the world of football at our fingertips. While many bettors still fall prey to punters, smart bettors are visiting sites like comeon betting to see new ways to improve their betting strategies.

Your strategy is everything when it comes to betting. It is one of your greatest assets. Smart bettors know this and thus spend years of research trying to develop a strategy to help them beat the system.

After much research, we have developed the top 6 football betting strategies starting from the least to the best. 

6. Over/under bets: this is one of the most popular betting strategies. It involves betting on whether more or fewer events will occur in a match. For instance, if more or fewer goals than a particular figure will be scored during a game. One can also bet on the number of yellow cards, corners, and so on. The most common type, however, is betting on the number of goals scored.

5. Goliath Bets: This kind of bet doesn’t necessarily guarantee you money; however, your odds of making a profit are higher.

Goliath bets are based on eight selections. When you use the goliath option, your bet is broken down into 247 different outcomes instead of the eight-fold accumulator. Two hundred forty-seven selections cover all the possible outcomes and would attract a dramatic increment on your stake. 

All you need to guarantee some winnings is to win two out of your eight selections. So the more selections you get right, the more your winnings; this is where your football knowledge and research will come to play.

4. Arbitrage Betting: is one of the most under-rated betting strategies; many people believe it is not viable. But that is not true at all; you can be assured that you will be making profits in no time if you tow this path.

Arbitrage betting is all focused on exploiting the variation in odds across different bookmakers. Each bookie applies their statistical approach to setting odds for an event.

3. Matched Betting: it is relatively easy to make a profit with matched betting. However, a free bet must be available for matched betting to work. Most bookmakers offer free bets to new members. It’s then a case of using your free bet to back a winner while utilizing a betting exchange website to ‘lay’ against the team you’ve supported. That way, you have all three outcomes covered.

The only other thing to consider is that most free bets require you to place a qualifying bet. Use the back, and lay process described earlier, and you will make a very minimal loss.

2. Price Boost Exploitation: is similar to arbitrage and matched betting – but it has a couple of advantages over them. Unlike matched betting, where you are dependent on having free bets, but here you don’t have to.

1. Kelly criterion: this ranks number 1 as our overall best football betting strategy. It’s a technique that’s been about for decades upon decades with the approach predominantly used in stock market trading. Thankfully, you can follow the same steps for football betting. Before we dive into the ‘how,’ I need to stress that researching your bets is essential with this Strategy because you’ll be trying to determine the probability of a win.


Getting your strategies right will go a long way in determining your success level in any form of sports betting. So invest enough time in developing the perfect strategy.