BOV Premier League Heating Up for Closing Stretch

The BOV Premier League is racing down the home stretch, with the final third remaining before the conclusion of the elite football league in Malta. With little time left in the season, this is a golden opportunity to get in on the betting action. You can easily follow this link to find the best betting sites in Malta verified by expert reviewers, so you can enjoy these matches beyond rooting for your team.

A Series of Key Matches on the Docket

At this point, five teams are likely out of the hunt for a place in European football, namely Senglea (2 points), Lija Athletic (12 points), Tarxien Rainbows (15 points) and  possibly Floriana and Balzan (both 20 points). That means that 11 other teams are in the running, with six of those teams near the bottom separated by no more than three points. 

What that tells you is that a team can quickly move into a stronger position with just two victories. Every game matters for these teams, so there are several upcoming matches that are going to be keys.

They are not necessarily head-to-head match ups either. Teams must take advantage of opportunities against lower seated teams, winning those games so they can stay in the running. Here is a look at the top 11 teams and what lay ahead for them on the schedule.

Hamrun (44 points)

Hamrun is arguably in the most secure position. With 44 points (13-5-1) they have the top record in the BOV Premier League. They also have an extremely tough schedule moving forward. They face Birkirkara FC (34 points) this weekend, the team currently in fifth place. Birkirkara is going to be battling to try to get into the third position, if not into the second, so that should be quite a contest.

On Matchday 22 and 23 we are going to learn how good this Hamrun team is. They first face Gzira (40 points), the team currently ranked third, then take on Hibernians, who is currently two points behind them. If both of these teams continue to win, that matchup could be to determine who has the top record.

Hibernians (42 points)

Hibernians may be in the best position of all. They are yet to face Hamrun and will later face Gzira and Birkirkara in back-to-back matches. They will be facing a number of teams fighting for a place in Europe or to avoid relegation, but those are teams that have some severe blemishes. If you are a betting man or woman, going with Hibernians to finish top may be the smart pick.

Gzira (40 points)

Gzira has four contests left against teams that rank in the top five. Holding onto their No. 3 spot may prove to be a challenge. They are hot now, winning six straight games.

Sliema (35 points)

If Sliema is going to make a move, and better occur over the coming weeks. They already faced Hibernians but hope to collect the points against Gudja United, before taking on Birkirkara, the team directly behind them. They are yet to play against Lija Athletic and Tarxien Rainbows.

Birkirkara FC (34 points)

Birkirkara FC has to be thanking the soccer gods for their remaining contests. While they do have back-to-back games against Hamrun and Sliema (February 13, 20), they also have five contests against five teams from the bottom six in the league. That includes Tarxien and Senglea. Gzira and Sliema may be hearing footsteps as they fight for the No. 3 position.

Mosta (26 points)

Many sports analysts will tell you that if you want to earn a top-six finish then you do so by beating the teams chasing you. Mosta is going to get a chance to prove that old adage. They go head-to-head against Sirens, Santa Lucia and Valletta among others. If they do not make it, they have no one to blame but themselves. 

Santa Lucia (26 points)

Santa Lucia has one of the easiest schedules and should be looking squarely at least 9 points over the next four contests. They take on Tarxien (14th), Valletta (9th) and Lija Athletic (15th) in four of those games apart a direct clash with Mosta.

Sirens (25 points)

Sirens is another team with plenty of opportunity to earn a higher seed. They have won their matches, against Sliema and Floriana but then lost to Tarxien. Over the next four weeks, they face Valletta (9th), Mosta (6th), Lija Athletic (15th) and Zejtun Corinthians (10th) before meeting Gzira (3rd) and Hibernians (2nd). They are in a similar position to that of Santa Lucia.

Valletta (24 points)

Valletta have ten important clashes ahead of them – eight of whom are teams that surround them in the standings. These include matches against the bottom three – Senglea (16th), Lija (15th) and Tarxien (14th). Apart from a clash with Birkirkara on Wednesday, the only clashes against teams from the top five are Hamrun (1st) and Sliema (4th) in their last two matches. 

Gudja United (23 points)

Gudja United are struggling right now, losing their last four matches. They are yet to face the bottom five teams and should they earn maximum points from these matches, they could achieve an even better finish than last season. 

Zejtun Corinthians (23 points)

Zejtun aim at retaining their Premier League status in their maiden season among the elite. They are yet to face Gzira (3th), Hibernians (2nd), Hamrun (1st) and Sliema (4th) but still have to play against seven of the teams lying just ahead of them or from the bottom five.

Get in on the Action

This is going to be a great race to the finish. Right now, only a handful of teams are not in position to advance, leaving an exciting group of teams fighting for the BOV Premier League title. Time to get in on the action and make your picks on who will win each week.