BOV Challenge League fixtures for MD1 to MD3 released

The Malta Football Association released the fixtures for match day 1 to match day 3 of the BOV Challenge League 2021/22.

The league is divided into two groups of eleven teams each, both playing on a two-round basis.

Matches will be played between Fridays and Sundays at the Centenary Stadium and the Victor Tedesco Stadium.

Meanwhile tentative dates for the other matchdays of the First Round are as follows:

International Break – October
MD4 – 15 to 17th October
MD5 – 22 to 24th October
MD6 – 29 to 31st October
International Break – November
MD7 – 19th to 21st November
MD8 – 26th to 28th November
MD9 – 3 to 5th December
MD10 – 10 to 12th December
MD11 – 17 to 19th December
Xmas Break (2 weekends)

Group A

10/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumZejtun CorinthiansLija Athletic
11/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumSan GwannSt. George’s
11/09/202117:00Victor Tedesco StadiumNaxxar LionsMqabba
12/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumVittoriosa StarsPembroke Athleta
12/09/202117:00Victor Tedesco StadiumMelitaMarsaxlokk
17/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumSt. George’sNaxxar Lions
18/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumRabat AjaxZejtun Corinthians
18/09/202121:00Victor Tedesco StadiumLija AthleticSan Gwann
19/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumPembroke AthletaMelita
19/09/202121:00Victor Tedesco StadiumMqabbaVittoriosa Stars
24/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumMarsaxlokkRabat Ajax
25/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumNaxxar LionsLija Athletic
25/09/202117:00Victor Tedesco StadiumZejtun CorinthiansSan Gwann
26/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumMelitaMqabba
26/09/202117:00Victor Tedesco StadiumVittoriosa StarsSt. George’s

Group B

10/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumSenglea AthleticTarxien RainbowsB
11/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumSwieqi UnitedFgura UnitedB
11/09/202121:00Victor Tedesco StadiumZebbug RangersPieta’ HotspursB
12/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumSt. AndrewsMarsaB
12/09/202121:00Victor Tedesco StadiumLuqa St. Andrew’sQrendiB
17/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumFgura UnitedZebbug RangersB
18/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumMgarr UnitedSenglea AthleticB
18/09/202117:00Victor Tedesco StadiumTarxien RainbowsSwieqi UnitedB
19/09/202117:00Centenary StadiumPieta’ HotspursSt. AndrewsB
19/09/202117:00Victor Tedesco StadiumMarsaLuqa St. Andrew’sB
24/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumQrendiMgarr UnitedB
25/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumZebbug RangersTarxien RainbowsB
25/09/202121:00Victor Tedesco StadiumSenglea AthleticSwieqi UnitedB
26/09/202121:00Centenary StadiumLuqa St. Andrew’sPieta’ HotspursB
26/09/202121:00Victor Tedesco StadiumSt. AndrewsFgura UnitedB