The Premier League Clubs’ Association discussed at Malta FA meeting

Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo and other Association officials met with Presidents and delegates of clubs from the Premier League on Tuesday. 

The focus was mainly on the constitution of the Premier League Clubs’ Association, a project which is being established by the clubs in the top-tier in collaboration with the Malta FA and in line with the Association’s strategic review of the governance structures of Maltese football.

Photos: Copyright domenic aquilina

Other important topics and further reforming was also discussed, namely the club licensing reform, the corporate restructuring for clubs and the introduction of an AML regime as part of a major overhaul in the regulatory frameworks and which has already seen the approval of a new Code of Ethics and MFA Statute in recent months. Malta FA vice-president, Dr Matthew Paris, gave important details and updates about all the improvements in good governance at Association level.

The scope of the Premier League Clubs’ Association as a separate entity will be that to represent the interest of one or all of its members, to manage the legal affairs and to safeguard the interests of the clubs within the social partners forum.

Further planned evolvement will lead into the Clubs’ Association organising and managing a professional league of association football clubs under the jurisdiction of the Malta FA.

In a brief comment at the end of the meeting the Malta FA President, Bjorn Vassallo, praised the Premier League club officials for their sterling work and support in refining the regulatory framework to boost football professionalisation in this country.