MFPA introduces ‘Report Abuse’ service for member players

The Malta Football Players Association (MFPA) has been engaged in discussions with the Malta Football Association along with the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) to identify effective ways of reporting any kind of abuse suffered by football players.

As part of our commitment to foster a culture whereby players are encouraged to report any incident that can be disturbing and traumatic, the MFPA has introduced a Report Abuse feature on its website. This feature offers players a quick, straightforward, and confidential way of reporting incidents, whether it is physical, sexual, emotional, discriminatory, verbal or any other form of abuse.

“For all its positives, football can also be a high-risk environment which creates particular power dynamics that can leave players vulnerable to abuse,” Carlo Mamo, the MFPA General Secretary, said. 

“Players who have been the victims of abuse may find it difficult to make that first step, but we hope that this new facility will empower players to report abuse. The MFPA is grateful for the guidance and support provided by Jareth Grima, the Malta FA Safeguarding Officer and the Sedqa team on behalf of FSWS.”

The reporting service allows MFPA members to file complaints confidentially by logging on to the MFPA website. 

Once a report has been filed, the person submitting the report will be contacted by a professional who will offer expert advice and explain what engaging in an investigation would entail. 

A risk management plan, in conjunction with the person reporting the abuse and possibly his/her representative, will be devised.

The MFPA will ensure that the players will receive all the necessary support and assistance as they go through the investigation process. We will also represent players in disciplinary proceedings where appropriate and wherever feasible. Together with Sedqa Malta, the MFPA will also organise one-hour sessions to raise awareness about the different forms of abuse, recognising abuse, how to report and how to receive support.

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