Bjorn Vassallo one of eleven candidates in Wednesday’s UEFA EXCO election

Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo is one of eleven candidates for the seven posts of UEFA Executive Committee member as the election will be held during the 47th Ordinary UEFA Congress in Lisbon, Portugal on Wednesday. 

Jesper Møller Christensen (Denmark), Armand Duka (Albania), Andrii Pavelko (Ukraine) and Luis Rubiales (Spain) are standing for re-election while Philippe Diallo (France), Petr Fousek (Czechia), Lise Klaveness (Norway), Levan Kobiashvili (Georgia), Rod Petrie (Scotland), Hugo Quaderer (Liechtenstein) and Björn Vassallo (Malta) are hoping to be elected for the first time.

All candidates were subject to an eligibility check carried out by an electoral committee composed of members of the UEFA Governance and Compliance Committee (in accordance with Article 21(6) of the UEFA Statutes and Article 4bis of the Regulations Governing the Implementation of the UEFA Statutes) and all of them successfully passed this eligibility check.

a) Candidate for the UEFA presidency (for a four-year term):

  • Aleksander Čeferin* (Slovenia)

* standing for re-election

b) Candidate for one female member position on the UEFA Executive Committee (for a four-year term):

  • Laura McAllister (Wales)

c) Candidates for seven member positions on the UEFA Executive Committee (for a four-year term) (in alphabetical order):

  • Jesper Møller Christensen* (Denmark)
  • Philippe Diallo (France)
  • Armand Duka* (Albania)
  • Petr Fousek (Czechia)
  • Lise Klaveness (Norway)
  • Levan Kobiashvili (Georgia)
  • Andrii Pavelko* (Ukraine)
  • Rod Petrie (Scotland)
  • Hugo Quaderer (Liechtenstein)
  • Luis Rubiales* (Spain)
  • Björn Vassallo (Malta)

* standing for re-election

d) Candidate for one member position on the UEFA Executive Committee (for a two-year term):

  • Hans-Joachim Watzke (Germany)

If elected to the post, Vassallo would be the second Maltese official to serve on the UEFA Executive Committee after former MFA President Dr Joe Mifsud. Mifsud was first elected to the UEFA Executive Committee in 1994, retaining his post until 2011. He also served on the FIFA Executive Committee from 1998 to 2000.