Splitgate Beginners Guide & Portal Tips

Splitgate is a competitive FPS game with a portal-filled battlefield. This attribute makes the game overwhelming for beginners. However, there are tips to guide you throughout the game while taking advantage of the portal system. 

As a multiplayer game, Splitgate allows you to team up with other players on its server, connecting you with different levels of players. It’s also a free-to-play shooter game with fun and thrilling gameplay. For newcomers seeking a quick head start in the game, visit Battlelog for professional tricks and tips for Splitgate.

Meanwhile, check out this guide and portal tips for Splitgate beginners!

Splitgate Beginners Guide and Portal Tips

  • Always be on the move

Unlike some arena shooter games where you can benefit from holding a sightline angle for a long time, Splitgate makes the strategy tricky. Splitgate deals not only with weapons but portals as well. The enemy team can always use portals to quickly get behind you for a flank, or a sniper shooter will get above and knock you out.

For this reason, it’s important to always move around on Splitgate’s battlefield. If you’ll ever need to hold a position for a while, make sure you have a solid backup. One of your teammates can focus on the left side to the back while you focus on the right side to the front.

Since Splitgate is not like Domination in Call of Duty: Warzone 2, where you earn points for holding a position for a long time, you don’t have to risk your life. So, always be on the move.

  • Get into the perfect range with portals.

Using portals aggressively but tactically can improve your performance in Splitgate in no time. You can get into perfect ranges that suit your weapon using your portals on the battlefield. For instance, if you have a shotgun or an SMG, try using your portals to flank opponents or reach a closer distance to the target. 

On the other hand, you can teleport yourself to a high vantage point to see more of the battlefield. This is an effective tactic for players with sniper rifles or battle rifles and an ideal strategy for beginners. You can also use it to reach distances faster.

  • Learn the map via stadium races.

Learning Splitgate’s map can be time-consuming, especially for beginners, but the benefits are numerous. Learning the map helps you memorize the battlefield quickly, and the easiest way is via stadium races. There are no combat situations during the race, giving you a distraction-free moment to focus on the terrain.

All Splitgate maps are different. By learning each map, you’re familiarizing yourself with the environment. It can help you discover different portal pads to make the most of the game. As you get into any battlefield, nothing will surprise you anymore.

  • Always have an escape route.

Splitgate is competitive and full of aggressive players. As a beginner, you may get into tough situations where you can only survive by escaping. So, it’s always important to have an escape route, and this is where the use of portals comes in.

Create a portal in a safe zone first, then place another one like you’re flanking an enemy team. Once the combat begins to heat up, you can quickly rush back to safety. Always close the portals immediately after you cross, or the enemies will follow you.

  • Take advantage of sound.

In Splitgate, enemies are noisy and loud. The opposing team will be louder than your team. Also, as the enemies of the other team, you and your team will be loud to them too. For this reason, it’s advisable to remain quiet whenever you hear enemy footsteps.

It’ll help you dictate where the sound comes from, allowing you to decide where to attack or run away. Meanwhile, don’t remain in a spot for too long trying to remain quiet; it can be risky. Walking is less noisy, so you can walk to a safe spot while planning your attack.


Splitgate’s popularity is increasing because of its mix of features from Portal and Halo. It’s more like the hybrid version of the two games, driving more players into the server. For beginners finding it difficult to enjoy the game because of its complex mechanics, this guide and portal tips can be helpful to you.

Once you’re in the game, always be on the move. Get into perfect range with your portals, learn the maps via stadium races, and always have an escape route in place. Remember that enemies are loud, so take advantage of sound and make the most of your first games.