OZO Group renews sponsorship of Malta FA

The OZO Group, a prominent name in the business industry, has recently announced the renewal of its sponsorship agreement with the Malta FA for an additional two years. This solidifies the partnership between OZO and the Malta FA, reflecting their shared commitment to supporting Maltese football. The agreement was officially signed by Dr. Angelo Chetcuti, the General Secretary of the Malta FA, and Fabio Muscat, the CEO of OZO Group, cementing their collaborative efforts to promote and enhance football in Malta.

OZO Group was founded in 1996, and they specialise in the outsourcing and services industries employing over 3,000 employees across the board.  They have since then have expanded their list of services to include, among other things, specialized cleaning services for hospitals and airplanes in addition to outsourcing staff to the hospitality, care, manufacturing, and security sectors

In a move that demonstrates OZO Group’s continued dedication to the development of football in Malta, the company has decided to extend its sponsorship of the Malta FA for another two years. The decision to renew the sponsorship agreement underscores the success and positive outcomes achieved through the partnership between OZO and MFA in previous years. Both organizations have recognized the mutual benefits gained from their collaboration and have chosen to sustain this fruitful relationship into the future.