BOV Premier League 2023/24 season tickets launched

Football enthusiasts are eagerly gearing up for the much-awaited 2023/24 BOV Premier League season which will kick-off after the September international window, on the 15th of September 2023. Fans are keen to secure their spots to witness their favourite teams in action.

Season tickets entitle the holder to attend all the club’s domestic first-team matches in the allocated spectators’ stand.  The cards are transferrable and can be used in any competition the respective club is competing in, namely the BOV Premier League, the Izibet FA Trophy, and the Super Cup Final. 

Direct Sales by BOV Premier League Clubs

To strengthen the bond between the clubs and their dedicated supporters, the BOV Premier League clubs are once again directly selling season tickets. The clubs are thus offering a more personalized and fan-centric approach to their loyal followers, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within the football community.  Supporters are highly recommended to reach out to the respective club committees. 

Affordable Prices for Online Ticket Purchases

Ticket prices have remained the same and there will be reduced prices for online ticket purchases. The Malta FA are keen on making the matches more accessible to fans of all ages, and as such, adult spectators can now secure their day tickets at the rate of €8 when buying through the official Malta FA ticket website. Senior citizens and children are given a discounted price of just €5 for their online tickets.

Maintained Prices for Stadium Booth Tickets

For those who prefer the classic way of purchasing tickets in person at the stadium booths, there’s good news! The prices of stadium booth tickets will remain the same as last season. Adult fans can still grab their match passes at €10, while senior citizens and children can avail theirs at the rate of €6. This ensures that all fans, regardless of their ticketing preferences, can enjoy the exhilarating football action live at the stadiums.

Valid for Back-to-Back Matches

Season ticket holders will be delighted to know that their passes will grant them access to not just one, but back-to-back BOV Premier League matches played consecutively at the same venue on the same day. This feature ensures that fans get the most out of their match-day experience, witnessing thrilling clashes between top teams in a seamless manner.