Luxol bow out of the UEFA Futsal Champions League

Luxol exit the main round of the UEFA Futsal Champions League following a 1-5 defeat to Sporting Anderlecht at the Sports Hall Lagator in Loznica.

The St Andrews side therefore suffered a third defeat in three matches after losing 0-6 to Barca and 1-3 to Loznica.

Rafael Vilela put Anderlecht ahead but Paulo Andre Dos Santos Barbosa equalised for Luxol. However Marcenio was quick to restore the lead. Anderlecht went on to extend the lead through Vilela, Diego Roncaglio, Grello and Edu.

In another match, Barcellona ensured of topping the group as they beat hosts Loznica 2-0.

Luxol: Joao Silva, Celino Alves, Maikinho, Castro, Emil Raducu, Clint Mifsud, Everton Veve, Vitinho, Mark Zammit, Andy Mangion, Marwan Telisi, Andre, Dos Santos Barbosa, Jefferson Alves.

Anderlecht: Diego Roncaglio, Edu, Tomic, Dilien, Grello, Cardoen, Cristiano, Marcenio, Vilela, Saura, Campas, Cainan.