NM Group extends sponsorship for the third consecutive year, cementing a strong partnership with Sliema Wanderers

In an exciting development for the Sliema Wanderers FCNM Group has officially renewed its sponsorship for the third consecutive year. This long-standing partnership between NM Group and the esteemed football club exemplifies a commitment to excellence, teamwork, and community engagement. The announcement has been met with great enthusiasm, as the Club looks forward to another season of success both on and off the field.

The collaboration between NM Group and Sliema Wanderers FC has proven to be a winning combination since its inception. NM Group’s commitment to supporting local sports and fostering community development aligns seamlessly with the values of Sliema Wanderers FC, creating a synergy that goes beyond the football pitch. Over the past two years, this partnership has not only enhanced The Club’s financial stability but has also contributed to its growth and success in various competitions.

Club President Mr Keith Perry expressed his delight at the news of NM Group’s continued sponsorship, during a visit to the groups premises. He said “The unwavering support from NM Group has played a pivotal role in enabling the club to invest in top-tier talent, training facilities, and community outreach programs. This renewed commitment is seen as a testament to the mutual respect and shared vision that exists between the two entities. This partnership has been instrumental in our journey over the past two years, contributing not only to our on-field success but also to the overall growth of the club. We are grateful for NM Group’s unwavering support and are excited about the prospect of achieving even greater heights together.”

NM Group CEO Mr Beppe Muscat has also expressed his enthusiasm for the continued collaboration. “I am delighted that we will continue supporting local initiatives that bring communities together and foster a sense of pride. The positive impact of the partnership on both the club and the community aligns with NM Group’s corporate values, making the decision to renew the sponsorship an easy one,” he said.

As the new season has already kicked in, Sliema Wanderers FC and NM Group are eager to build on the successes of the past years. The financial stability provided by NM Group’s sponsorship allows the club to focus on player development, infrastructure improvements, and community engagement initiatives. Fans can look forward to an exciting season ahead, both on the field and in the community, as the partnership continues to flourish.

The renewal of NM Group’s sponsorship for the third consecutive year marks a significant milestone for Sliema Wanderers FC This enduring partnership goes beyond the realm of sports, symbolizing a shared commitment to community development and success. As The Club embarks on a new season with the steadfast support of NM Group, the future looks promising for both entities, promising more years of collaboration, achievement, and shared joy.