Malta to play once again in a group of three teams in UEFA Nations League

Malta will be playing once again in a group of three teams in League D of the UEFA Nations League as the draw and fixture list procedure for the 2024/25 UEFA Nations League were approved by the UEFA Executive Committee in Hamburg on Saturday.

The draw to take place at Maison de la Mutualité in Paris on 8 February 2024.

With Russia being suspended from participation in both FIFA and UEFA competitions, 54 teams will be taking part in the 2024/25 UEFA Nations League with sixteen teams in each of Leagues A, B and C and the remaining six in League D.

This means that unlike the 2022/23 edition where there was a group of four teams and another of three teams in League D, this time there will be two groups of three teams. In the 2022/23 edition, Malta was drawn in a group of three teams along with Estonia and San Marino with Estonia emerging as group winners to secure promotion to League C.

The teams in League D are the loser of the UNL 2022/23 play-out between Lithuania and Gibraltar along with Moldova, Malta, Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein.

Lithuania/Gibraltar and Moldova will be seeded in Pot 1 while Pot 2 will include Malta, Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein.

Matches will be played as follows:

Matchday 15-7 September 2024
Matchday 28-10 September 2024
Matchday 310-12 October 2024
Matchday 413-15 October 2024
Matchday 514-16 November 2024
Matchday 617-19 November 2024

Since teams in League D will be playing four matches instead of six, they will play two friendly matches on the dates that remain free of competition matches.

The pot allocations in 2024/25 UEFA Nations League will be as follows:

Nations League A

Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 4

Nations League B

Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 4

Nations League C

Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 4
RomaniaAzerbaijanNorth MacedoniaBelarus
ArmeniaBulgariaNorthern IrelandEstonia
LuxembourgFaroe IslandsCyprusLatvia

Nations League D

Pot 1Pot 2
San Marino