Malta FA Protests Board confirms decision not to uphold protest by Mosta

The Malta FA Protests Board has confirmed a decision not to uphold a protest filed by Mosta FC in connection with their BOV Premier League match against Sirens played on Saturday 3rd February 2024.

The result on the pitch had been 0-0, following which Mosta FC had filed the protest requesting that the result be declared null and void due to the alleged ineligibility of a Sirens FC player.  The club claimed that Sirens FC had registered with them a number of non-homegrown players over the maximum allowed of 14 such players.

The protest had been originally heard on the 9th February 2024. Subsequently, the MFA Executive Board on the 16th February 2024 had taken cognisance of an error of fact which had been made before the Protest Board, differently composed, and which had been referred to in the Board’s decision. Therefore, the MFA Executive Board had referred the matter back to the Protest Board to be reheard.

Following this decision of the Protests Board, the result of the said match (0-0) stands.