Victoria Hotspurs call on Malta FA to put application on the agenda

Gozitan side Victoria Hotspurs F.C. issued a statement in which they renewed their call to the Malta FA to consider its application to become a member and start participating in the Amateur League as from next season.

The club said that in September 2023, they had presented an application to the MFA requesting that the Club becomes a new MFA member and begins participating in the MFA Amateur League as from the 2024-2025 season. The application was submitted in strict compliance with all the rules and regulations of the MFA.

However this request had not been put on the agenda of the General Assembly.

“Regrettably, although more than five months have passed since the submission of Victoria Hotspurs’ application, the MFA Executive Board has not yet put this request on the agenda of the General Assembly for its final decision. Actually, and without any basis, the MFA Executive Board has asked Victoria Hotspurs F.C. to withdraw its membership within the Gozo Football Association before this application can then go to a vote of the Assembly.”

“Victoria Hotspurs F.C. has already informed that it cannot accept such condition of the MFA, since nothing in the MFA statute points to that direction and that the GFA has no standing or competence on the Club’s application to become an MFA member – even if the applicant Club hails from the island of Gozo itself. Victoria Hotspurs F.C’s position was, and remains, that it is the Club’s fundamental right to participate in the national league of its own country without the involvement of the GFA and without any conditions that are not applied to other Maltese Clubs. Any position by the MFA on the contrary is interpreted by Victoria Hotspurs F.C. as arbitrary and discriminatory behavior towards the Club. Victoria Hotspurs F.C. is prepared to safeguard its fundamental rights at international fora such as UEFA and the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) and will not hesitate to resort to them if need be. For such purpose, Victoria Hotspurs F.C. is represented by a well-known and leading law firm specialised in international sports law.”

The club said that over the past months they kept this issue with the MFA strictly confidential out of respect towards the nature and sensitivity of the subject. However, they said that following incorrect information which was stated during the last GFA Council meeting, they are now of the opinion that matters should come to the attention of the general public “especially considering that the GFA may take a potential arbitrary and drastic decision against Victoria Hotspurs F.C. which will be without any basis and which will leave the Club with no other option but to seek legal and financial repercussions against the GFA.”

“Victoria Hotspurs F.C. re-emphasize its right to participate in the national league of its own country and to apply to become a member of the MFA from next football season. With all due respect, the Club continues to appeal to the MFA so that its application is placed on the agenda of the General Assembly without further delays and conditions that will trigger an escalation to international fora.”

“Victoria Hotspurs F.C. remain open to any dialogue with MFA and that common sense prevails without compromising the letter and spirit of the same MFA’s regulations.”