Statement by Floriana FC

Following declarations by Valletta FC on various sections of the media, Floriana FC issued a statement to give midfielder Christian Cassar’s version of facts regarding the incidents which took place at the end of the U*BET FA Trophy final on Sunday.

The statement says that Christian Cassar denies categorically that he made any gestures or remarks whcih could have provoked the incidents by Valletta FC players and supporters.

Cassar said that at the time of the final whistle, he was close to the corner flag in front of the Valletta supporters and as soon as he heard the referee’s whistle, he raised his hands as a sign of joy and ran towards the rest of the Floriana players.

As he was in the middle of the pitch, he was assaulted by the Valletta players.

The statement says that Christian Cassar denies the allegations by Valletta and declares that they are not based on truth and are meant to harm his reputation.

Since the case is still sub judice, the committee of Floriana FC will not comment on the incident and will leave everything in the hands of the competent authorities to make justice.