MFA in bid to stop Marsaxlokk FC from closing its doors

The Council of the Malta Football Association gave the association the go-ahead to intervene and take over the administration of Marsaxlokk Football Club for a definite period of time as the club seriously risks closing its doors.

Council members were informed that on Tuesday, the association received a letter from Cedric Baldacchino stating he was resigning from the post of Marsaxlokk FC secretary. The association received another letter, this time from Marsaxlokk FC president Joe Baldacchino stating the since the secretary had resigned and the club had no members, the committee could not function and was therefore asking for the dissolution of the club.

The association was determined to do its best to avoid the club from dissolving as it would mean that it would lose its property and the nursery. For this reason, a proposal was put forward for the MFA to take over the club administration for a definite period of time until the club could attract a number of members to join, therefore creating the possibility of holding an Extraordinary General Meeting which could elect a new committee.

A new committee has to be elected by July 10th as otherwise Marsaxlokk FC could not take part in the BOV Third Division – the draws for which would be held on July 11th.

Marsaxlokk Football Club was founded in 1949 but spent decades in the lower divisions before their first ever promotion to Division 1 in 1999/2000. In 2001/02, they won the First Division championship to secure a place in the Premier League. After signing several top-level players, Marsaxlokk reached the final of the FA Trophy in 2003/04 and finally managed to win the Premier League championship in 2006/07.

They were demoted to Division 1 after a match-fixing attempt in 2009 but were quick to regain their Premier League status. However when they were relegated after finishing bottom of the table in 2011/12. Following financial difficulties, the club asked to play in Division 3 in season 2013/14.