Malta FA to launch strategy on Tuesday

The Malta Football Association will be launching its new four-year strategy on Tuesday.

Inspired by the manifesto proposed by Malta FA President Bjorn Vassallo which was subsequently adopted as the basis of the Association’s strategic plan, the new strategy encompasses three main areas – technical projects, governance and infrastructure.

The key pillars of the strategy are:

Develop and Grow (on and off the pitch) – through tailor-made development programmes, hubs, football in school initiatives, coach development and mentoring, referee mentoring and nurturing football’s positive impact on the community

Showcase the Game – improve men’s and women’s competitions, building on the popularity of the national teams, develop new futsal competitions and futsal Under-19 national team and launch a beach soccer national championship and establish senior national team.

Communicate and Commercialise – broaden the exposure and commercial value of Malta FA projects and activities by having a dedicated commercial team for MFA Digital content distribution alternatives; work with influencers to promote upcoming events and work with football ambassadors (eg former national team players) to deliver initiatives such as football in schools sessions.

Govern and Lead – refine regulatory frameworks to strengthen the professional aspect by reviewing governance structures and be more open and ensure equal representation in key decision-making bodies

Educate and Empower – nurture football’s positive impact on the community by building partnerships with NGOs to deepen the social impact; social return on investment – strengthen legacy programmes; implement and support campaigns that promote inclusivity.

Success will be measured through these eight criteria:

  1. have 6 professional players who graduated from our grassroots and who are playing in European leagues.
  2. complete new National Football Centre.
  3. increase grassroots participation by 15%.
  4. develop a culture of excellence and delivery.
  5. review our governance structures, new statutes in place.
  6. corporate restructuring of senior Maltese clubs.
  7. strengthen commercial partnerships.
  8. host at least one prolific UEFA and FIFA youth tournament by 2024